Mars rocket is better

I, being a rabid advocate for space travel, want to violently purge anyone who says we don’t have the time or resources for space. This is not the case, obviously. It seems some would prefer sitting on this planet and saving money instead of exploring and researching ways to keep our species alive.
Many say the problem is we’ve never really had the time for space travel due to all the problems here on Earth. They say that we have to solve the problems here before thinking about anything else. There has never been a time on this planet, or even on a part of the planet, when people weren’t at war, starving or just generally being unhappy. This is just human nature. Countries will never get along, there will always be problems with everyone, and if we keep holding our breath on space travel, we’ll never get around to it. Knowing our place in the universe should be a priority that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
The reason people should take this seriously and make time for it is because we are running out of natural resources. Even things people don’t think about, like helium, are getting sparse on Earth. That’s an easy solution though. Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe. One problem isn’t so easy, however.
Our population is rapidly outgrowing our planet; we’ve more than doubled in numbers since 1960. Not everyone can live in areas with food and rainfall, and a lot are dying because of it. Space colonization is not a pipe dream. Flight used to be a pipe dream, and not 1000 years ago people were sacrificing small animals to cure plagues. If anyone had shown the smartest people from over 100 years ago a smartphone, they would not have believed it was anything but magic.
One place with an abundance of pretty much everything we need is space, because space is literally everything and Earth. That’s probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever said, but that’s something I would be okay to be quoted with.