New show conveys emotion

New show conveys emotion

“Everyone thinks that when you go to a hospital, life stops. But it’s just the opposite. Life starts.”

“Red Band Society,” a new drama television series, is definitely a show to look forward to watching every Wednesday. This show has a mix of cliché comedy and drama in it for anyone to enjoy.

The characters in this show were close to perfect for me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about them and getting to know each of their different personalities. I like how the mean girl wound up needing a new heart. The irony was a great touch in the first episode.

“Red Band Society” follows the lives of six teenagers who are living in the hospital with different problems. Charlie (Griffin Gluck) is the narrator stuck in a coma. Leo (Charlie Rowe) is the leader seemingly going through chemotherapy. Emma (Ciara Brava) is the sensitive girl with an eating disorder. Dash (Astro) is the rebel diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) is the kind new kid with cancer in his leg. Kara (Zoe Levin) is the conceited cheerleader who has a defective heart.

I do hope the episodes get more serious. I would like the show be more of a drama than a comedy. But, if it does not change, I think it will still be an incredible series.

I am genuinely eager to see the next episode and am looking forward to watching these characters develop and change as the show continues.