Football improves on season


Lights flash, the whistle blows, the band starts playing and the kickoff to football season begins.
This year, head coach Craig Benson is starting off his first season at Duncan High School with some improvement in mind and ideas about how his team needs to learn to play together and not shoot themselves in the foot.
“It’s a learning process and we don’t have the time to take any steps backwards,” Benson said.
The team has lots of much needed practices, which are challenging, but fun, according to junior Collin Klingensmith.
“[The practices] are up tempo, and they’re fast,” Klingensmith said. “Coach Benson doesn’t let us go easy, and he doesn’t allow us to get down on ourselves.”
According to assistant coach Don Sudberry, Benson is expecting a lot from the team this year.
“We realized we have a young team and a lot of talent,” Sudberry said. “We try to get better week to week for district play.”
This is Sudberry’s second year in Duncan’s football program. “I’ve really wanted to come back and be part of coach Benson’s staff.” Sudberry said.
He is also ready to see students in his classes succeed.
Klingensmith said two of the improvements Benson has made is the team turns the ball a lot better and offense has gotten stronger.
The football team is certainly ready for the new season and came very close to winning their home game against Carl Albert, the sixth ranking team in the state. The team has faced the season with a few really difficult games to play.
“Those were the cards we were dealt and have to adapt to that,” Benson said.
The team was up by 7 points until about half-time when Carl Albert scored, and the final score left Duncan with one point down, which proves the team has gotten better.
“I think we played well,” Benson said. “Gave us a great start heading into district play.”