Talk show about cars does a thing

“We did a thing!” As one of the hosts, Richard Hammond, of BBC America’s Top Gear  said this in a Ford van made into a hovercraft, I realized how perfect this show is.

The team just finished up season 21 and they’re currently filming the 22nd. Top Gear is a talk show filled with automobiles, competition and comedy. Stars like Will.I.Am, lead singer Brian Johnson from AC/DC, David Tennant from Doctor Who and many others have appeared on this greatly admired show. The British version of Top Gear is definitely 100 times better than the American version has less humor and is more of a knock off the British one. Top Gear is the only thing I really do enjoy watching when I come home from a long day at school. The uplifting comedy of the guys running the show is just brilliant.

Jeremy Clarkson is technically the leader of the pack and seems to have more of a knack for comedy and crazy fun than being serious. The show may not be for younger viewers because there are a few episodes where things get a little out of hand. However, Top Gear viewers can enjoy a great explosion of a rocket car that comes crashing down on the horizon any day of the week. James May, another  co-host, is the scientist and slower driver of the three. He doesn’t mind thinking outside of the car (pun intended) every now and then.

The cleverness that is thrown into the portions of some episodes make this show actually mind blowing. There’s really only so much that one person can mess up, yet make the whole show worthwhile by making a joke about it. Like when Hammond and May created a rocketship with a scooter car, and wanted to reuse it, the shuttle didn’t land properly and came crashing down to earth. Hammond asked a very valid question of “How we supposed to reuse it now?” It actually made me laugh a little with the facial expression of laughter and sadness, but not out of serious disappointment.

The show has taught me to actually think critically about life and perhaps come up with several different answers to simple questions, for example how a car might be slower than a couple men who are professionals at climbing mountains. There’s nothing wrong with failing and these guys certainly fail a lot, yet sometimes even overcome doubt and push limits on others’ opinions.