Bumper stickers raising eyebrows

There are some things that should never be put on the back of a car. For example, a guy wanting a girl that has never been with another guy or something vulgar that it makes someone want to shoot at a car’s window or mark the letters out with a sharpie.

I totally believe in other’s rights to free expression, but there are times when these stickers go too far. Bumper stickers can cause uproar by the lack of respect some of these have. Either by putting down one group of people and raising the other or even supporting a historic gang. The fad isn’t brought to extremes until new elections of presidents or even football season. I mean, I would have my college football team bumper sticker if I really wanted to put something on my car.

Honestly, I haven’t seen very many of these stickers that cause serious uproar, more than likely because I may agree with some of the blunt opinions. However, I saw a bumper sticker that just looked very inappropriate for the public about a girl needing to be a virgin in order for this single male to date her, and the girl needs to apply soon. Way to go America!

It may seem like a good inside joke to everyone else, but think of what might happen if someone, like an older lady, saw that. She would probably go crazy, or even a nearby teen posting it online can cause some trouble for that person with the sticker. I mean, what if that was something really deep and personal and someone took away all the personal meaning by saying a crummy joke to one of their friends, even though it probably wasn’t a good thing to have on a car in the first place.

These stickers are seen by hundreds, even thousands, depending on where a person lives, of people each time the car goes on the streets of a city or highway. Sometimes these little stickers are so relevant that one might need one. Going back to the football or college analogy.

The problem isn’t just these bumper stickers, but window decals can be just as bad. They may not be categorized as the same things; however, the two are very closely related and both just as insanely weird as the other. I love a good joke on a car, but sometimes I have to stop and wonder if it’s really something I should be  laughing at. The jokes at school may not be tolerated in the real world or even close to acceptable. We need to be more careful as to what we put on the back of our cars. If a manager were to look at the back of a car of an employee, and he or she sees something that isn’t exactly customer friendly, the manager may fire the owner of the car. There are even stickers that may have more negative impact than one may think, and there could be a serious misunderstanding about that sticker in the window or on the bumper. Truth is, most people won’t even think twice unless it’s religious or just completely vulgar to the point where the joke isn’t even funny anymore.

It just feels like too much trouble to even have to worry about such things that, I must say, yes, voice the opinion of the American people, or whoever you support, but just be careful. As adults always say, there are consequences for every action or a reaction to every action.