Decathlon takes part in Nationals

Art, science, social sciences, music, literature, economics and mathematics. All of these have one thing in common: all are subjects in United States Academic Decathlon, or decathlon.

The school’s decathlon team went to the national level of competition, in Honolulu, Hawaii, for which they had prepared for months.

The team left for Hawaii April 22, headed by drama teacher Shep Pamplin, and consists of freshmen Josephine Hriscu and Andee Beth-Fitz; sophomores Niki Spagnola and Elisha Gillett; juniors Samuel Perry, Terrell Cox, Victor Galvan and Desiree Mitchell; and seniors Skip Park and Terri Bruce, with senior Samuel Holthe going as an aide, and returned six days later.

The actual testing was held on the 23 and 24, with 51 teams competing. The testing this time around was harder than it was at regionals, according to Perry, which Gillett agrees with.

During the team’s trip to nationals, they also visited well-known landmarks, such as Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach.

Although they didn’t win first place at nationals, the team plans on working harder next year to accomplish even more.