Into the abyss of the creative writing group

Right now, I am huddled around a computer with three other people. They are making Spongebob references, spitting out nonsensical ideas for this story, and making stupid puns about a certain team member’s last name.

These three other people are senior Payton Williams, sophomore Skyler Bastow, and freshman Jessica Hale. The four of us make up the creative writing group here at Duncan High School. Surprisingly enough, this little thrift shop of horrors that I call my team has gotten quite a lot done in the last two years. We have written two successfully produced children’s plays, started writing a play to be submitted to a national contest, and continued work on all of our personal writing projects. When our other commitments with various extracurricular activities and school are taken into account, it can be seen we have been kept very busy.

The creative writing group had to get its start somewhere, though. It all began last year, when I was recruited by Mr. Shep Pamplin to write a play to be produced for the local elementary schools. After I decided to recruit an aspiring writer, Bastow, the group was born.

The children’s play was a huge success. Pamplin took this achievement and decided it should become an annual event, with a new play written every year. Early the next year, the two of us recruited Hale, which brought the group up to three members. The children’s play for that year was also a success, and the usefulness of the writing group was again validated. As we attempted to take on bigger challenges, we recruited Williams as well. Despite the commitments of the members outside of the group, we all have managed to come together and write a play to be submitted to contests.

I don’t quite know what direction the creative writing group is going, but we will always be looking for new recruits, and will always be looking for the opportunity to write.