New football coach creates excitement

I really enjoy a good football game; I mean, football is the most hard-impact sport that high school has to offer. But what makes these events so special is what the coach puts into it, and that is where I think coach Craig Benson fits the “winners” category perfectly. He might still be learning what his players are all about and who they are, but really he’s already proven himself worthy of dominating the competition next season, because he has been conditioning and making the managers be trainers for the players.

Not only is Benson a huge asset on the field, but so is his somewhat new assistant coaching staff. I haven’t met each one individually as I have Benson, but I plan on at least knowing half the coaching staff by the middle of the upcoming season.

The excitement of a new set of competition brings more than just joy, but anticipation of a fabulous first season for Benson. I truly believe that this will be the Duncan Demons’ shining moment, and the players that I have talked to are all set and ready to play.

I have created a bond with Benson that I have never created before: one where I personally know a coach outside of class. I don’t know how many other students can say that, but I sure can. I think it was his fun attitude and both of us enjoying football that really kick-started our bond. Benson made me realize how much I miss being on the field with the team.  Benson’s love of tradition, and being an all-around funny coach, is just what makes me most ready to see how the football team does with him.

Allow me to be the first to say that I am very excited and ready to see what next season brings to our school, not just to the coaches, but to everyone else in the community.