Satan shirts cause controversy — Negative

Before I condemn the “Satan is my Homeboy” shirts, let me just say that I believe that everyone has a right to wear these shirts, as well as any clothing that isn’t too revealing or vulgar. In fact, I believe that the punishment the wearers of the shirts received, having to take them off during school hours, is totally unwarranted.
However, I do believe that some punishment is warranted. Not because of the shirts themselves, but because of the intent of the wearers–the intention to stir up trouble and controversy.
There are lots of Christian students at the high school, myself being one of them. Many Christians undoubtedly take offense at the seemingly-Satanic message portrayed on the shirts.
Of the students who wore the shirts, I’d be willing to bet that most aren’t actually Satanists, and several are actually known churchgoers. If they’re not wearing the obviously-divisive shirts for actual religious expression, then why would they wear them anyway?
It is simply to stir up trouble. This “religious expression” is in the same vein as yelling in class and trolling social media — it is intended only to cause trouble, and that is why I condemn it.
The perpetrators say that they were trying to make a point. They say that they were trying to prove that their usual attire wasn’t Satanic by wearing real Satanic clothing. I like the idea, but I also like the idea of watching Doctor Who out loud on my phone during class. Unfortunately, both activities are disruptive to class.
I believe that the students should not be allowed to wear the shirts again, but forcing the students to take off the shirts during school hours was a bit harsh.