New coach makes new impression


Natascha Mercadante

New head football coach Craig Benson

The high school has a new football coach, and his name is Craig Benson.

He has moved from far eastern Oklahoma, near the Arkansas border. The long standing tradition of football is what brought him to Duncan.

The bonding process is all about what the coaches and players see the game as, according to Benson.

“The connection is to understand the vision of the players and the coaches,” Benson said.

Senior Stacey Morrison said that the team came together because of getting a new coach.

“With the change we had to come together, and with the new coach, you didn’t know the transition,” Morrison said.  “Right now we are lifting and working out, not really doing football routines.”

Benson said there are 10 days of practice during spring season, and with this the players learn what is in store for them. Also, the coaches see what the players are all about.

For sophomore Hunter Kelly, Benson seems to think quickly.

“He seems like he’s going to be a lot more fun, and he puts more technique into the game,” Kelly said. “Coach Holloway would have one routine that we would follow every day, and coach Benson is mixing it up.”

Benson feels that the players have a lot of talent and are eager to work, especially since the upcoming season is just around the corner.

“We’re a little bit behind in the sense of having a small staff,” Benson said. “It’s been a learning curve.”

He also feels that the spring ball season should shorten the learning curve and bring the team closer. Benson is hoping that new changes in the players and a new staff will have a positive effect on the upcoming football season.

According to Morrison, Benson is already showing differences from last season’s coach, Jim Holloway.

“He’s a little more offensive minded, and last season we had more of a defensive minded coach,” Morrison said.

According to Morrison, the team won’t know what coach Benson is fully capable of until next fall.

However, Kelly feels they are being challenged and is excited to start next season.

“I’ve talked to him [Benson] a little bit,” Kelly said. “He’s really nice and we’re cool with each other.”

The upcoming season has brought not only the players closer to each other, but also the coach and the assistant coaches closer to the players, as well. Only time will tell how far the team will go to achieve their goals.