Busywork swamps students

Apparently, teachers believe that solving word searches is an educational activity.

Word searches are just one form of the pointless assignments that some teachers like to give their students when they don’t have any meaningful work for them to do. These educationally-worthless assignments, referred to by some as busywork, do absolutely nothing to enhance the knowledge, experience or understanding of students.

Common examples of busywork include not only word searches, but also crossword puzzles, coloring sheets and those assignments where students have to copy the vocab from the back of the textbook, among other things. Perhaps these activities would make decent fodder for a first-grade classroom, but by the time students reach high school, they have mostly outgrown the usefulness of these types of assignments. One does not simply learn about a subject by finding vocab words in a jumble of letters. Or by copying vocab words from a textbook glossary. Or by writing vocab words into blank crossword boxes.

As these busywork assignments have no educational value, teachers assign them for reasons other than their job-mandated duty of endowing their students with knowledge. These reasons can be anything from the required number of grades per week to simple laziness in not preparing legitimate lessons. Whatever the case, they take up valuable class time, which some teachers so often say they wish they could have more of.

What’s worse is that teachers sometimes take grades on these assignments. Grades should exist solely to assess a student’s understanding of a subject and their performance on individual projects. To give grades on assignments that require absolutely no understanding of a subject is a misuse of the grading system, and therefore, a corruption of the basic educational process.

This can distract students from their meaningful assignments. If a student has a paper to write but they are also assigned a crossword puzzle that the teacher will be taking a grade for, then the worthless crossword is distracting the student from the assignment that will actually help him or her learn. Busywork is not only worthless, but it can also directly impede the learning process.

Assigning busywork, therefore, shows complete disregard and ignorance of true education on the part of the teacher. If a teacher doesn’t have a lesson for his or her students, they should simply give their students a free day, instead of assigning a useless and potentially burdensome busywork assignment.

Busywork is worthless, mindless, useless, unproductive, wasteful, frivolous, pointless, profitless, and sometimes even counterproductive. As long as these idiotic assignments exist, public education will always have a major block to efficiency.

And it takes the form of word searches.