Mega Mix brings old music back into the limelight

Music is full of voices and dancing, and it shows evolution of instruments and rhythm.

The Mega Mix of music, performed by the high school’s music program,

was a mix of some of today’s songs mixed together with some of yesterday’s favorites. For example, “Royals”, “Roar” and “Brave” are some of the songs that were put together from the modern times while “Eye of the Tiger”, “Beat Medley” and others are from a while back. These songs were also accompanied by some dancing and vocals. This means that all of the oldies came back to the limelight for the teenage years once again, but for a different generation.

The spring music concert is a yearly event that brings the past into the present by dance and music. The dances were a mixture, like everything else, of past and present times. Music teacher Kevin Zinn played his electric piano for a four chord song.

The music program may be a yearly event, but it certainly brings a crowd of the student body every year, and it was performed twice in one day. The main event was during class and another show took place in the evening, which was aimed toward the parents and students who didn’t make it during the class time.

The spring music concert is a blend of music, young and old.