Wizards know that teen wolves never say die

Wizards know that teen wolves never say die

“Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!”

Any self-respecting Lord of the Rings fan would know this quote.

But they aren’t the only ones, as fans of the band Set to Stun would understand, as well.

Set to Stun is a three-piece sci-fi post-hardcore band from the lands of Mordor. Or Southern California. Either will do.

Set To Stun (STS) is fairly underground, but has a devoted following around the globe due to their unique style, which sets them apart from most modern bands.

As of 2014, they have released a full-length album, “COLORS,” an EP titled “Dreamcatcher EP” and a single entitled “Walk Tall.” They have played at major music festivals such as South By So What and Vans Warped Tour, and are currently working on a record deal, with a label currently unknown.

Every song I’ve heard from STS is absolute music perfection. My favorite, by far, is “TEEN WOLF!” from the album “COLORS,” with every other song coming close behind it, especially “Goonies (Never Say Die).”

Set to Stun’s music is unique in the fact that it is so high-energy and fast paced; most bands I listen to can’t pull this off. The fact that they reference their own songs, and that they all tell a story is amazing as well.

I have one worry that bugs me every time I listen to their music. The fact that they have a record deal in the works makes me nervous. I’m wondering if they’ll sell out after they sign to a label, or after a couple years on the label, kind of like Metallica.

Other than that, I don’t have any complaints about the band itself, and I feel like STS will be around for a little while longer.