Colbert becomes the greatest comedian he never wasn’t

Colbert becomes the greatest comedian he never wasnt

Comedy Central has lost a legend. There is no more contest. There are no longer any mountains left to climb. He promised to change the world, and together, he did it. Stephen Colbert has won television. His future plans include: riding the rails, making stew from peanuts and stolen chicken, and maybe hosting the The Tonight Show in place of David Letterman.

Nine years ago, Stephen Colbert came upon the satirical news comedy scene on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” as Jon’s right wing overboard lunatic companion. He then acquired his own show, known as “The Colbert Report”, which is pronounced without the use of the letter “T” at any point. From the first time I saw him, I knew that I’d found a genius, a friend and an actual viable news source free of bias… on the Comedy Channel.

Stephen Colbert has a way of displaying real time events to me in a way that no other news anchor has ever been able to. From making me care about the news to actually laughing at it, Stephen Colbert is the soul reason I care about politics. Everything from global warming to the dark world of underground racism can be explained through Colbert’s unique style of expose, such as: “the sun is hot, but can it hotten my food?” and, “Do you wanna show me how tall a horse is?”

The loss of Colbert on Comedy Central comes as a great tragedy to me because I will now have to acquire both my news and low brow comedy from Fox News. Stephen Colbert will be missed both in the comedy and news world and by me personally for many years to come.