Society lacks respect

In today’s society, many people do not receive the respect that I think they deserve. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your position is or what you’ve accomplished. People just aren’t considerate of each other.

When I watch an old black and white film, I watch each character’s behavior. If you watch carefully, you can see that most of the actors and actresses do not have to force the appreciation that they give. It comes naturally because they practice it every day.
I especially like to watch older movies that show scenes from schools, because I have noticed that in schools today, there is less appreciation for teachers and from teachers than anywhere else.

There are so many kids that don’t say “please” or “thank you” and don’t even have “ma’am” or “sir” in their vocabulary. There are even more that talk while others are talking, talk back rudely when there should not be a response, challenge authority, and use bad language without consideration for the people around them. When I was younger, I was told to respect my elders. Now that I’m older, I am told to respect everyone, but treat my elders with more respect. I was under the impression that everyone was taught this, but  apparently, I was wrong.

Just the other day I witnessed a girl yelling at a teacher because he honked when she was standing in the middle of an exit in a parking lot. I don’t understand how she could get mad over that. She was the one standing where she should not have been.

However, as I said before, students aren’t the only ones who are self-righteous. I feel a few teachers think they deserve all this respect (and I agree, they do deserve it), but they also think no one else, mainly students, deserves appreciation. Yes, without teachers we wouldn’t have any other productive jobs, but we need to realize that teachers were taught also and rely on people who do not teach every day.

All in all, the idea of respect has shrunken to the back of society’s mind. We need to bring it back to the forefront and make it important for everyone.