Movie indulges diet of dinner plates


“Audiences are gonna have to be really brave for this one.”

Oculus is a psychological horror that I found to be legitimately frightening. This movie makes use of internal conflict, visual attacks and emotional torture, combined with real torture, to attack its viewers, much like the way the mirror known as the Lasser Glass attacks its victims.

Oculus starts the way many horror movies do: children hiding from a murderer that turns out to be one of them. Cut to the movie’s protagonist, who is being housed in a mental institution for the murder of his parents, and who looks suspiciously like Drake Bell. Don’t worry, this is where the mirror comes in.

From what I can tell, the mirror kills its victims by enveloping their souls and causing them to kill themselves or others. The Lasser Glass does this through infatuation by forcing the victim to experience a false reality, appealing to the weaknesses in their personality.

I personally loved this movie for its ability to have a sense of horror without simply using gore. I appreciate that the Lasser Glass attacks its victim’s mind rather than just hurting them with sharp objects, although I was pretty freaked out watching a lady in the movie eat a porcelain dinner plate and try to speak with no teeth or tongue.

This movie is fantastic as far as horror movies go. My hope is that its obvious setup for a sequel will result in a film at least half as enthralling.


4 out of 5 stars