Homecoming queen crowned at pep rally

The final pep rally of the school year came with senior John Campbell giving the Demon Pitchfork to junior (name). This shows the spirit of the school being passed onto the next generation of students and the beginning of a new year.
However, this was more than an average time out of class, as the spring sports homecoming court was announced. The court was voted by the students and each sport had a representative. The whole school came together to celebrate these students’ nominations. The freshman homecoming nominee was Devin Stewart-Reece, escorted by Logan Holtmyer.  For sophomores it was Shai Johnson, escorted by Nathan Clark. Junior was Betty Gary, escorted by Jared Bruns. The senior queen nominees were Chelsey Harwell, escorted by Christian Dructor; Brianna Holland, escorted by Mike Taylor; Kaylee Jennings, escorted by John Campbell; Aubrey Mouser, escorted by Sam Allen; and finally, Autumn Parker, escorted by Justin McCall.
The queen was Mouser, who was kissed on the cheek by Allen.
The pom squad and the cheerleaders came together and used their talents to create a collaboration of dance and athletics.
The school welcomed the upcoming school year and put the sports athletes in the spotlight.