Spiderman captivates audiences and also Electro


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

This is the iconic Spider-Man quote, spoken by Peter Parker’s uncle Ben Parker. It centralizes the sense of duty that Spidey strives to uphold throughout the first Spider-Man movies–both of them.

In 2012, Sony, who owns the movie rights to the web-slinging superhero, rebooted Spider-Man by starting a new series about the character. This new series, the second installment of which is due to be released on May 2, stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, who doubles as the spider in spandex. Garfield’s series replaced the old Spidey trilogy, starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

The two Spidey series have several similarities as well as several differences. Maguire’s trilogy, or Old Spidey, has more of a comic-book feel about it, while Garfield’s movie (and soon to be series), or New Spidey, has a more action movie vibe to it.

New Spidey also has a different love interest than Old Spidey did. Old Spidey was head-over-heels for Mary Jane Watson, while New Spidey finds himself dating Gwen Stacy, portrayed by Emma Stone.

New Spidey is also fighting different villains than his Maguire-portrayed counterpart. While Old Spidey fought more famous Spider-Man villains, such as Doctor Octopus and Venom, New Spidey is fighting more obscure baddies. He fought the Lizard in his first movie, 2012’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and he’s due to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Electro and Rhino in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

With its more cinematic feel and other differences, New Spidey is showcasing both some contrasts and some similarities between itself and the older Spider-Man trilogy. I enjoy both takes on the spiderhero, and I’m looking forward to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”