Math no longer used for torture


I have recently discovered the game “2048”, which can be found in the Apple and Android markets. This game is a mind game that requires skill and strategy, and I have been playing it for hours at a time. The idea is to get all the squares of little numbers to match, and become larger ones until, eventually, they reach the grand amount of “2048.” So far I can’t even get past 512.

This game is extremely tedious, but I just can’t get myself to stop playing. “2048” is time consuming, but it really does, in my opinion, train players to actually stop and think rather than make decisions indiscriminately. This strategy and the demand of the use of one’s mind is something most games these days are missing.

“2048” gives players the option of selecting their difficulty. Practice mode allows the user to undo their mistake, while the classic mode does not. X-Tile is the level where there is a blank tile that follows one tile around; this has caused me some serious frustration. Survival is the most challenging of all. A user has to add up larger numbers while adding time to the level.

I like a good challenge, and this game seems to fit all of my criteria. It’s fun and keeps me entertained.