Art Honor Society journeys to the city for day of art

The sound of a loud roar interrupts the steady scratch of a pencil against paper. Student artists snap their heads to their left, eager to see what animal could have made the loud noise. Despite their eager faces, their eyes fell on a couple of workers dragging a drink machine up onto a trailer, and the artists turn back to their own animals to continue their artwork.

This is just one of the many comical occurrences of the National Art Honor Society’s trip to the Oklahoma City zoo on April 22. Mixed in with the fun times, there were also times of education and practice with live drawing. The artists left the zoo with sunburns, fond memories and numerous rough sketches of favorite exhibits.

After leaving the zoo NAHS journeyed further into the city to visit the OKC Arts Festival, where hundreds of artworks were displayed and dozens of multicultural food stands were set up. The artists stayed there for about an hour, browsing the work and devouring their food before piling, once again, into the suburban for the long trip home.