Drama puts on zombie play

“Eat him; he’s white!”

With these four words shouted throughout the auditorium, narrator junior Abraham Alvarez single-handedly stole the show.

During the afternoon of April 21, the drama department put on their second production of “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,” starring Jesse Dees, Trevor Gould, Jewel Ashford and Tabitha Butcher as the four survivors along with Alvarez and Skyler Bastow as the narrators. This production was performed earlier in the year in the evening, so few students attended. This time around, the play was presented during the school day, leading to a much higher attendance,

Pushing through challenges such as hard-to-hear audio and multiple role-switches since the first production, the drama department rallied together to put on what some students are saying was their best performance of the year.