Tennis team prepares for tournaments


Bridget Tolle, Demon Pitchfork

Sophomore Mercy Matthews practices at the tennis courts in preparation for an upcoming tournament.

Thwack! The racket hits the neon ball. The ball bounces in, and the opponent swings. He misses. The events repeat. The match is over, and the player in white has won finals. On April 11, the Southern Invitational tennis tournament took place. This tournament reflected well on the tennis team. In tennis, doubles and singles have two categories. These are known as 1 and 2.

The team managed to win boys 1 and 2 singles along with girls 1 and 2 singles, of which varsity went against junior varsity in both matches. They also won girls 1 and 2 doubles as well as boys 1 and 2 doubles.

Many students participated in this tournament including sophomore Hayden Pettigrew, for whom this is his first year on the varsity team; he played for boys 2 singles.

“I was happy to be in finals,” he said. “It made me kind of nervous; I didn’t know how I’d do.”

His match ended up being 6-0, 6-0, meaning Pettigrew won six of the six sets. Pettigrew’s match wasn’t close, but others were, such as in the results of seniors Ryan Robinson and Andre Vuong’s final match. The score was 7-6, then 6-0. Robinson still has things he would like to improve upon.

“Keep on practicing hard,” he said. “[And continue] practicing with my partner. Just getting our chemistry down, mainly.

Bonds are formed in tennis, especially between doubles partners. Sophomore Mercy Matthews and freshman Alex Cassidy are proof of this; they agreed that supporting each other is important to doubles.

“Even if it’s a bad point, we know we have to keep building each other up,” Matthews said. “We have little inside things we say to each other that make each other laugh if we’re getting down on ourselves. I know what to say to make Alex laugh and it lightens everything up and makes it a lot less stressful.”

Sometimes during practice Cassidy and Matthews will play singles against each other. They like it because they get the opportunity to see the other’s strengths. Matthews find that they compliment each other.

“She’s [Alex] like the yin to my yang,” she said.

Cassidy prefers doubles over singles because of the bond as a team.

“It’s a team effort to be in doubles since you’re a team, and when you win, you share it with your partner,” she said.

The BancFirst tournament will see girls play today and boys tomorrow at eight in the morning. Regionals and state will come in May.