Chalk contest attracts youth


Ali Pitzl

Artists Luis Vargas and Katy Carrol prepare a chalk entry for the Droverstock competition.

Students crouch on the concrete in the bright, sunny weather, smearing chalk with brushes (or even just their hands) in a square the size of a baby elephant. It’s 11 A.M., and a bunch of men are screaming over loud guitars in the open amphitheater not far away. Among the crowd, some of the students work hard on their chalk art, since it is to be judged two hours later.

Seventeen students got to participate. There were six groups, ranging from having one person to four.

Each group drew something different. Most, like sophomores Lizzie Miller and Colton Christman had a rough idea of what they were going to draw together. Their creation would later be named, “Angel Cast out of Heaven.” Others, like seniors Luis Vargas and Katy Carroll, and juniors William Browning and Ryan Neil just improvised.

“We’re just kind of going with it,” Vargas said as his teammates sprayed water over black chalk on the concrete with a spray bottle.

The chalk drawing contest wasn’t the only event going on by a long shot.

Vendors were lined up all around a statue, and all of them were sponsored and run by various student services.

“We’ve been doing this for about 15 years,” the campus bookstore manager, Sheila Gurrero said, “[Droverstock] started out as a scholastic meet up, then an art festival.”

Gurrero sold Droverstock T-shirts, drinks and chalk for the contest.

Most of the merchants were run by clubs and the like. Sororities, such as Sigma Psi Omega participates every year. This year, they sold cotton candy.

Droverstock has schools from all across Oklahoma coming over to participate. Some come just to compete in the chalk drawing, a lot compete in the academic and acting contests, some just want to bring their kids to see the big moon bounce on the lawn. Since there are shows going on until the afternoon, most stay the entire day, and bring sunblock.