Froshmore team closes out season


Brody Barton

Members of the Froshmore team include (from left to right) sophomore Emily Linsky, freshmen Josephine Hriscu and Ryan Kerr, sophomores Tate Banks and Elisha Gilett, and freshman Hayden Webb, all pictured above.

Griffins, math, C.S. Lewis and the Civil War all have one thing in common: they were all topics of questions at this year’s Froshmore state championship.

Froshmore is a type of academic team limited to freshmen and sophomores. The Duncan team placed fifth at the event, winning three of their seven games. However, this performance was an improvement from last year’s Froshmore state meet for the team.

Math teacher Sharon Edwards, who substituted for head coach Shep Pamplin at the meet, was both happy and disappointed with the results of the tournament.

“I was very excited about how well our team did,” Edwards said, “but I was dismayed that more of the students didn’t know the math involved.”

Freshman Josephine Hriscu, a first-year Froshmore participant, also harbors both good and bad feelings about the meet.

“I thought we did really well, but we should have done better, considering how much effort and practice we put into it,” Hriscu said. “There were a few games we just gave away, but there’s always next year; we can always come back and win.”

The end to the Froshmore season was definitely a mixed bag of good and bad. However, this year’s sophomores, including Elisha Gillett, Emily Linsky, Tate Banks and Jacob Fitzgerald, will be leaving the team next year, leaving the freshman/sophomore team with only about half of their experienced members.

Gillett, while sad that he’s leaving the Froshmore team, is looking forward to focusing on the regular academic team next year.

“The thing I’m looking forward to is varsity [regular academic team] next year,” Gillett said. “Hopefully that goes a lot better for me.”

Hriscu is hopeful that next year’s freshmen will be able to do well on the Froshmore team.

“There are some pretty good eighth graders coming in,” she said.

With the results from this season’s state competition and the anticipation of next year’s member change, the Froshmore team has had a big end to their season.