Decathlon team headed for Hawaii

A team of nine competitors recently completed a speech, an interview and several hours of testing, as well as an essay all for a trip to Hawaii… for more testing.

This is decathlon.

Duncan High School’s decathlon team participated in the state competition last year, but with only a couple of weeks to prepare, placed second instead of first. This year, it was the same story; however, the winning team, Lawton High, backed out, giving Duncan a chance to go to nationals, and going to nationals they are. The Duncan High team needed $17,000 to go to nationals, and have raised over $20,000, and the extra money is going to next year’s team. Donors included Burger King, Kellpro, Inc., and an undisclosed source.

This year’s nationals are being held in Honolulu, Hawaii, with over 30 teams competing, as well as teams from London and China.

The theme this year is World War I, and the tests range from mathematics to economics. The team also had to write an essay. The highest scorer was freshman Andee Beth-Fitz, who scored a 948 out of 1000.

The reward for nationals will most likely be the same as it has been for past years: a meeting with the President of the United States.

Whether this will be a great enough incentive remains to be seen.