Christian movies storm theaters

After “Noah” built an ark, the “Son of God” rose from the dead, ultimately proving the fact that “God’s Not Dead.”

These are movies that came out around the same time. Yes, it is the season of Lent, but I feel like there are more Christian movies than usual.

In addition to these three films, there a movie version of “Heaven is for REAL” by Todd Burpo that came out on April 16.

“Noah” had better Computer Generated Imagery than “Son of God” (SoG). However, Noah’s story had a lot of Biblical misinformation. For one, the time period was really messed up. Back then, everyone wore robes; in this movie both genders wore pants. Another point is forging weapons didn’t exist yet. In the Bible, Noah’s sons all brought their wives on to the ark. In the movie, only Shem did. I got really upset when the descendent of Cain, Tubal-cain, got on to the ark, in the movie. That definitely did not happen, and it hurt me to see him killing those animals. He messed with God’s plan for creation.

I feel like the creators of the movie took the main plot of the story of Noah and ultimately made a fanfiction of it. The movie itself, however, is bound to make people read the actual story of Noah.

SoG was about the journey of Jesus as he traveled through his life on Earth. It didn’t include all of Jesus’ miracles, but considering how much He’s done, the movie would be much longer if the creators had. I don’t have many critiques for this movie. Although, the film was made by the same people that created the T.V. series “The Bible” and even used some of the same clips; the actors were mostly the same. This can be very confusing, and it makes me wonder how people don’t confuse the two. Although there was a nice sense of familiarity with the film, it was almost as if I knew them from somewhere, but not from prior Bible reading.

A third movie that has come out recently is “God’s Not Dead” (GND). I enjoyed it, but I also feel like it’s been over-referenced. I feel like it’s a good movie for Christians who need to realize how hard it is for some people to believe in Christ. It’s also good for believers in God who still have doubts and want to further their belief, possibly in the way of scientific facts. This film can also be helpful to agnostics who want to know how God could be “alive.”

Despite the cons of these films, they were all very enjoyable. I would recommend different ones to different people simply depending on where they are in their faith journey. I hope to see more Christian movies coming out in the future.