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2016-2017 Staff

Andrew Riley


Andrew Riley is a reporter that started this year at the beginning of the second semester. He is a junior involved in NHS and the high school's track and field team. Andrew enjoys hanging out with friends, working on his truck,...

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Nathan Lambert

Business Manager

Nathan Lambert has been on Staff since the end of christmas break last year. He likes playing video games, reading books, watching TV, and he likes consuming copious amounts of junk food. He is a proud couch potato whose pass...

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Dustin McDevitt

Sports Editior

Dustin McDevitt has been on staff for the past year. He is the new sports editor as well as being involved in the band. He likes writing about football as well as enjoys acting, Mountian Dew and driving....

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Melissa Denham


Melissa is a sophomore and is a new member of the Demon Pitchfork.  She plays the trombone in band and is a soprano two in music.  She loves to draw, play soccer and volleyball, hang with her friends and family, and just ma...

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Stephen Melander

Web Editor

This year will mark the third year senior Stephen will be on staff. He is the editor of Pitchfork Live and is involved in other school activities like DECA and Band. He is normally called upon in a crisis to fix any technical p...

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Savanna Edwards


Savanna is a member of the Demon PItchfork and clarinet player in the DHS Band. She spends a lot of her time doing fun stuff like homework and babysitting her siblings. Her toleration for jelly beans is small and her love for...

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Kiana Baker


This is currently Kiana's third year on staff, she is the former opinion editor and on occasion can be found taking a break from homework in one subject with homework in a different subject. She is a lover of animals and a fut...

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Emma Banks

Managing Editor

Emma Banks is the Managing Editor for the Demon Pitchfork Magazine. She is a junior, and this is her second year on staff. She enjoys working with her staff on producing the publication throughout the year. Outside of school, Em...

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Desteny Bettencourt


Desteny is a new member of Demon Pitchfork staff this year. She does not enjoy long walks on the beach, or being outside in general. She is a crazy cat lady that wants to be covered in tattoos and piercings. Desteny likes to exp...

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Braden Mowdy


Braden Mowdy is a new member of the Demon Pitchfork, a STUCO member, a Class Officer, and plays the alto saxophone in the DHS Band. Braden Spends most of his time petting cats and lint rolling his clothes. He also surprisingly h...

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Baylee Elam

Lyfestyle Editor

Baylee Elam is currently a junior at Duncan High School and holds the position as Lifestyle Editor for the Demon Pitchfork. She has an unhealthy obsession with online shopping, which all of her tips from waitressing disappear...

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Alexis Baldwin

Copy Editor

This year will be the third year Alexis has been on the Pitchfork staff. She is an animal rights activist and enjoys writing opinion stories about animal rights. She has a profound love for anything that is chocolate and her Emoti...

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